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The Perfect Point

The Perfect Point stretches the muscles on the top of the foot, while strengthening those in the arch.  In just minutes a day, a dancer can achieve stronger, more flexible foot musculature, ultimately improving arch and point work.  Simply slide your foot into the cuff with a bent knee.  Gradually straighten your knee to stretch your arch.  Start with just a couple minutes at full stretch and increase your time in full stretch over time. Use regularly for best results.

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Perfect Point! Orange Chevron
Orange/Pink Chevron
Price: $50.00
Perfect Point! Rainbow Chevron
Rainbow Chevron
Price: $50.00
Perfect Point! Pink & Grey
Pink and Grey Stripe with polka dots
Price: $50.00
Perfect Point! Black & White Chevron
Black and White Chevron with a red cuff
Price: $50.00
Perfect Point! Pink & Brown Lattice
Pink and brown lattice fabric with pink cuff
Price: $50.00
Perfect Point! Pink and White Lattice
Pink and White lattice fabric with teal cuff
Price: $50.00
Perfect Point! Shamrock
Black fabric with Shamrocks and a black cuff
Price: $50.00
Perfect Point! Teal Lattice
Teal chevron fabric with a pink cuff
Price: $50.00